• Added iFrame and Frame element selection support
  • Added Get Workflow Directory activity


  • Fixed issue where an error message is displayed when Get Gmail Mails activity return an empty list
  • Fixed issue where Image not found is displayed in the original workflow when its submodule is executed
  • Fixed issue where Template image does not exist error message is encountered when a submodule containing an Image exist activity is executed
  • Fixed issue where adding and removing a submodule marks all the open workflows as unsaved
  • Fixed issue where the user is able to delete activities during execution
  • Fixed issue where Get Table Field's first selector box stays in position where it was selected on the screen when scrolling
  • Fixed issue where Take Screenshot activity allows non-image file types file extension
  • Fixed issue where leftmost tab is opened after closing other tabs
  • Fixed issue where v2.3.7.x is unable to open and execute faulty v2.3.6.1 workflows
  • Fixed issue where Terminate Workflow activity does not fully terminate the execution
  • Improved the error message when the file extension is not provided in the Take Screenshot activity