Code improvements and bug fixes are included in this release.


  • Image Recognition 

  • Turn on/off Toolbox categories

  • Screenshots from Desktop/Web activities will be saved to the folder Rax.Images that is in the same directory as the workflow file. Default folder is in C:\Users\<User>\Documents\MonstarLab\Rax

  • Added Download Attachments activity

  • Images/screenshots selected were placed on the left side of the activity

  • Added "Image not found" when the designated screenshot on the Selector images could not be located


  • Select Item > Now works even if the selected element is the container of the dropdown element.

  • Added width and height properties in Take Screenshot

  • Set Text, Type Text and Hotkey activities are now working in Remote Desktop.

  • Input Dialog > Enabled enter key 

  • File Rename > Now works if the names of the old and new are the same.

  • File Write Text >  Removed unnecessary overwrite error

  • Delay Until Date Time > Can now handle future dates

  • File activities > Changed file dialog implementation

  • CSV Update Column, Update Field > Fixed error that the content is deleted when error is thrown

  • Export PDF > Used Save Dialog instead of File Dialog

  • Close Tab > Added validation if chrome extension is installed

  • Excel Sequence > Handled user permission while file is already open 

  • FileDialog should now remember the directory of the current workflow

  • Focus should now return to Start Page when Cancel is pressed during saving workflow.