Code improvements and bug fixes are included in this release.


  • Search Bar - Search for workflow activities, properties, and variables. 

  • Menu - Added shortcut keys.


  • Hotkey Trigger Activity actually terminates when you want it to terminate, and not only when it feels like it.

  • Keypress Trigger Activity works now!

  • You get a message if you try to update a Word document when it’s in Protected View Mode. Because why are you trying to update a Word document in Protected View Mode? Duh, doy.

  • Desktop/Web Activities now work with multiple instances of Chrome. 

  • Desktop/Web Activities now work in tab-less Chrome windows. We can’t remember why we put in that limitation, to be honest.

  • Users under any access/permission level can now send messages with attachments using Send Outlook Mail Activity.

  • Hotkey Activity now displays the KeyCodes. They used to vanish sometimes.

  • We got rid of that useless collapse button in Assign Activity.

  • When you open a new workflow, the designer gets focus.

  • New template spacer! Is it better? Maybe. Jury’s still out.

  • New splash screen! Improved? Survey says yes!

  • New icons in the Output Pane! No more pesky colors!

  • We added error handling for Directory Activities, and replaced File Dialog with Directory Dialog. We don’t know how we missed that. We have no excuse.