What is Snipping Tool? 

    RAX EDITOR Snipping tool is a tool that allows users to select elements using image matching. It captures the image of your screen then lets users select a specific area of your screen and then compare the two image.

How to use the Snipping Tool?

    Snipping tool is available on most activities that has select element feature. It will only appear after you try to select an element on the screen. 

*Please note that this tutorial requires you to have the RAX EDITOR Chrome Extension installed.

  • Drag a Mouse Activity into the workflow area and click on the Select Element button.

  • Press F3 to activate the Snipping Tool.

  • Now crop your desired image and click on the Finish button.

  • Alternatively, you can set an offset by using the image that you snipped as an anchor. Click on the Set Offset button to do just that.

  • Now that you know the basics. Let us use what we have learned.
    1. Drag an Open Tab Activity into the workflow.
    2. Let us type "google.com" on the URL input box. 
      We placed the URL inside quotes since the Open Tab activity's URL requires String values.
    3. Manually open a tab on Google Chrome and go to http://www.google.com.
    4. Go back to RAX EDITOR and drag a Mouse Activity into the workflow.
    5. Click on the Select Element on Screen button then go back to the Chrome browser's Google page and press F3.
    6. Click and drag your mouse to select the I'm Feeling Lucky button then click on the Finish button.
    7. Once finished you should have a workflow like the one below:

    8. Execute the workflow!

When to use Snipping Tool?

Snipping tool works best with screens that has limited elements or very unique look since it is UI dependent. Screens with a lot of similar elements affects the image matching but will still return the best match for you.

It can also be used with apps/websites where elements could not be selected properly using the Select Element tool and for browsers which are not supported by RAX EDITOR.