RAX EDITOR comes with a recording feature that makes automation much easier by generating activities for the you as you record your steps. To start, look on your RAX EDITOR Menu Bar and look for the Record tab.

After clicking the Record tab, the Recorder window will pop up on your screen. It has two ways of recording:

    Click on the Record button and proceed with the steps of your workflow. To pause your recording, press F2. To stop recording, press Esc.

Record Specific Actions:

    To achieve a more accurate workflow, you can select from the options given below. Let’s take a deeper look.

  1. App – Allows you to open applications by selecting it on your screen or by browsing it. Another function is closing open applications.
    2. Browser – For web activities, browser option allows you to open or close tab of a website.
    Note: Make sure you have your Chrome Extension is installed.

        3. Click – This option allows you to click an element, check for check boxes, and select item.

    4. Type – Allows users to type and set text, and send hot key.

    5. Element – This option allows you to use the Mouse Activity’s features: Click, Right Click, Double Click, and Hover. Another thing that you can do with the element option is to find element on your screen.

There you have it. Open your RAX EDITOR and give the Record feature a try.