Gets the attribute of a selected element on the screen.



  • Result - The value of the retrieved attribute.


  • Attribute - The name of the attribute to be retrieved.


  • ContinueOnError - The Boolean value to specify whether to continue executing the next activities even if there is an error thrown on this activity.

  • DelayAfterMS - Executes the corresponding activity then waits for the specified amount of time (milliseconds) before it moves to the next activity.

  • DelayBeforeMS - Waits for the specified amount of time (milliseconds) before executing the corresponding activity.


  • DisplayName - Renames the activity.

  • Target.Element - The UiElement variable. Cannot be used together with Selector.

  • Target.Selector - Property used to find a specific UI Element when the activity is executed.

  • Target.TimeoutMS - Duration in milliseconds to send an error if the selected element is not located.

  • Target.WaitElement - Waits for an Element to be ready before the activity runs if COMPLETED is chosen. Does not wait for an Element if it is set as NONE.


  1. Create a String variable called attribute.
  2. Add a Get Attribute activity, and in the Result field under Properties, write attribute.
  3. Click Select Element On Screen and select a hyperlink from your browser.
  4. In the Attribute field, write "href". This means it would get the href attribute from the selected element.
  5. Add a Write Line activity, and in the Text field, write attribute

        The use case should look as the following screenshot:

The result should be the link of the selected element: