Concatenates strings and String variables.



  • Input1 - The first string to be concatenated.

  • Input2 - The second string to be concatenated.


  • ContinueOnError - The Boolean value to specify whether to continue executing the next activities even if there is an error thrown on this activity.


  • Result - The resulting String once the characters have been concatenated.

  • DisplayName - Renames the activity.


  1. Create a String variable and name it surname. For the Default value, write "Rivers".
  2. Create another String variable called output.
  3. Add a Concatenate activity inside the initial Sequence.
  4. In the Concatenate Result field, add the output variable.
  5. In the Concatenate Input 1 field, write "Nicole".
  6. In the Concatenate Input 2 field, add the surname variable.
  7. Under the Concatenate activity, add a Write Line activity. 
  8. In the Write Line Text field, add the output variable. 

    The use case should look as the following screenshot:

This should be the output in the Output panel: