Updates the value of a specified row.



  • Values - The new value to replace the existing value on the row.


  • Row - The row whose values would be updated.


  • ContinueOnError - The Boolean value to specify whether to continue executing the next activities even if there is an error thrown on this activity.


  • DisplayName - Renames the activity.


For this example, this is what the sample CSV document contains:

  1. Add a CSV Sequence inside the initial Sequence.
  2. In the File Path field, search and select the CSV document that you will use.
  3. In the CSV Sequence Delimiter field, write ','.
  4. Create an Array of String (String[]) variable called row.
  5. Inside the CSV Sequence, add a CSV Read Row activity.
  6. In the Values field under CSV Sequence Attributes, add the row variable.
  7. In the CSV Read Row  Row field, write 1.
  8. Under the CSV Read Row, add a For Each activity. 
  9. In the For Each Values field, add the row variable.
  10. Inside the For Each activity, add a Write Line activity.
  11. In the Write Line Text field, write item.ToString. This would display the retrieved row from the specified CSV document.

    The use case should look as the following screenshot:


The output should look like this in the Output panel: