Activity to manage multiple decisions within a Flow Chart activity which would lead to specific results depending on the condition.



  • Expression - The expression to evaluate against the collection of cases.


  1. Add a Flowchart activity inside a Sequence and double-click the activity.

  2. Create a String variable named input. Select Flowchart as its Scope.

  3. Inside the Flowchart activity, add an InputDialog activity and connect it to the Start.

  4. Add the input variable in the Result field under the Attributes panel of the InputDialog activity. 

  5. In the InputDialog Title field, write "To-Do for Weekends", and in the Label field, write "Enter Saturday or Sunday".

  6. After the InputDialog activity, drag and connect a Flow Switch activity and choose String as its Variable Type.

  7. While the Flow Switch activity is clicked access the Attributes Panel and on the Expression field, type in input.

  8. Next to FlowSwitch activity, add a Message Box activity as the Default case of Flow Switch.

  9. Go to the Attributes Panel of the Message Box activity and under Content, input "Day not found".

  10. Add your second Message Box activity as the Saturday case of Flow Switch
    (Note: You can change the name of the case in the Case property of Flow Switch.)

  11. Go to the Attributes Panel of the Message Box and under Content, type in "1. Send the Report to Sir John+ Environment.NewLine +  "2. Go to the Supermarket.".

  12. Add your last Message Box activity as the Sunday case of Flow Switch.

  13. In the Message Box Content, write "1. Buy Flowers" + Environment.NewLine + "2. Do the Weekly Summary"

    The use case should look like the following screenshot:


Multiple branches with different conditions

The output should be the pre-written text on the Saturday and Sunday Message Boxes unless the user chooses to type anything else aside from those two days, which would result to a Message Box saying Day not found. Please note that the Input Dialog is case sensitive!