This activity could only be used within a Flowchart. It executes one of the two paths depending whether the condition is met or otherwise.



  • Condition - The condition to be analyzed before executing one of the two paths.

  • FalseLabel - Label for the path to be taken if the condition was not met.

  • TrueLabel - Label for the path to be taken if the condition was met.


  1. Add a Flowchart activity inside a Sequence and double-click the activity.

  2. Create a String variable called item. Select Flowchart as its scope.

  3. Inside the Flowchart activity, insert an InputDialog activity:

    On the Result field under the Attributes panel, add item:

  4. When you hover on the activities placed inside the flowchart activity, it will display points on every side. Use these points to connect one activity to another. Drag one point from start symbol to one point of input dialog.

  5. Go the the Attributes Panel of the InputDialog activity and on Title field, write "Collection"and then for the Label field, write "Enter an Item:".

  6. Create a new variable name it collection. Select Flowchart as its scope. 

    a. Let us change its Variable Type and choose Array of [T]

    b. Choose String and click on the OK button

  7. Add an Assign activity and make sure that the InputDialog connects to this activity.

  8. Click on the Assign activity and go to its Attributes panel. Insert the collection variable in the To field and {"Cabbage","Banana","Apple"} on the Value field. This declares the value of the variable since its default value is null.

  9. Create a Boolean variable, exists.

  10. Add an Exists In Collection activity, and under Attributes, add collection to the Collection field.

    Insert the item variable in the Item field and exists variable in the Results field.

  11. Add a Flow Decision activity, and write exists.ToString.Equals("True") on the Condition field. You could access this via the Attributes Panel.

  12. Add a Message Box activity that connects to the True path of Flow Decision

  13. Type in the Content field via the Attribute panel, write "The item exists.".

  14. Add another Message Box activity that connects to the False path of Flow Decision.

  15. Go to the Attributes section then update the Content field, write "Does not exist.". The use case should look like the following screenshot.

The Decision Box used with two branches

Once you execute the workflow if a user inputs anything aside from Cabbage, Banana or Apple, the output would be that it Does not exist otherwise it would say that The item exists.