How to Uninstall RAX EDITOR

    Follow the steps below to remove an awesome desktop application called RAX EDITOR on your computer:


        1. Go to your search bar and type Add or Remove Programs.


        2. It will direct you to the Apps and Features of the System Settings of your computer. Now Look for RAX EDITOR on your Application List.


        3. Click RAX EDITOR and click Uninstall.


        4. RAX EDITOR will prompt a message before proceeding with the uninstalling process. If you wish to continue, click yes button but if you want to keep this amazing application, click No.

        5. After that, the uninstalling process will take place. Wait for it until it’s done.

        6. You have successfully uninstalled RAX EDITOR.

Delete RAX EDITOR Directory

Follow the following steps to delete all RAX EDITOR Directory Files:

        1. Open your File Browser.

        2. On the address bar, type C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\MonstarLab.  
            You’ll see the RAX EDITOR folder.

        3. Right click on the RAX EDITOR folder and select delete.

        4. You have successfully removed RAX EDITOR's files on your computer.